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We live in interesting times. With the growth of global trade in the post-war era, we saw the growth of efforts to harmonize approaches to dispute resolution – and, in particular, arbitration – around the world. The New York Convention provided the foundation for success on that front – a foundation upon which UNCITRAL Model Laws and Rules for commercial arbitration and conciliation have built, thus paving the way for growing uniformity in institutional approaches to dispute resolution around the world. Yet, this very success has produced a backlash. Treaty-based arbitration is being challenged as a violation of state sovereignty, ethical concerns are being raised in both investor-state and broader commercial arbitration contexts. As the use of mediation grows, calls for national and international standards raise concerns about preserving the flexibility that is widely viewed as a hallmark of conciliation/mediation processes.

Join CPR and our esteemed colleagues for the 2016 Annual Meeting as we examine these and other issues and the way forward in global economy facing increasing resistance to the very concept of globalization.


CPR's 2016 Annual Meeting promises to be the latest in a series of exceptionally engaging events. Once again, meeting panelists and participants will include an outstanding group of General Counsel, leading practitioners, noted academics and jurists, and expert international arbitrators and mediators.

The opening keynote address will be by Gov. Howard Dean, former governor of Vermont, presidential candidate, Chair of the Democratic National Committee and noted political commentator. The panels program on Day One will begin with “Are We Killing Mediation?” a panel continuing the robust debate at AM15 on changes in mediation practice and their impact on mediation effectiveness. The next panel, “Why I 'Hate' Arbitration”, will be a lively discussion of reasons counsel avoid and/or delay dispute resolution. Following our morning dissecting issues and challenges in dispute resolution, the afternoon of Day One will begin with “Creative Approaches to Aligning Interests in Dispute Resolution”, a panel focused on the innovative approaches our neighbors in Brazil and Canada are using to enhance dispute resolution processes and outcomes. The panels on Day One will conclude with “Redefining Winning – CPR Hot Topics”, addressing emerging issues and solutions in dispute resolution around the world.

On the evening of Day One, CPR is pleased to announce that it will honor Monsanto Company and Scott Partridge, the company's Vice President of Global Strategy, with the inaugural Inspiring Innovation Award in recognition of Monsanto's development and implementation of a unique, business-led dispute management process creating a powerful, proactive industry-wide dispute identification and resolution program.

The program on Day Two will begin with a keynote address by Kenneth Feinberg, noted mediator, Special Master for victim compensation funds, including the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund and One Fund Boston, and author of What is Life Worth? and Who gets What? Day Two will continue with breakout sessions including an IP panel addressing Patent ADR around the world, a Healthcare panel addressing dispute resolution in the context of the industry consolidation and realignment that have followed in the wake of the Affordable Care Act, and an In-house panel addressing practical and strategic issues involved in arbitrator selection. The morning with continue with “The Rising Global Debate Regarding Arbitration Ethics”, a spirited discussion of the nature and source of concerns and a range of proposals that have been made to “solve” the problems. Day Two will conclude with two CPR perennial favorites. First, CPR's Business Roundtable, during which leading General Counsel from around the world will address strategic issues they face as they implement a thoughtful approach to dispute resolution. Second, we will once again convene a dynamic and interactive ethics panel addressing key issues faced day-to-day in dispute resolution.

We look forward to seeing you at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans, LA!



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